• Stephan Stockert is Managing Partner and PERSPECTIVE’s Global Practice Leader for the Financial Services and Real Estate Practices. Clients benefit from Stephan’s international network of tier-one talent and his industry acumen to build sustainable competitive advantage through human capital acquisition and retention. Stephan has a genuine recognition of encouraging clients to explore candidates from both mainstream and non-traditional sources in order to meet their immediate human-resource needs as well as their long-range corporate objectives.

    Stephan received his master’s degree from the Vienna University School of Law. He then joined the private banking business in Austria and Switzerland for 4 years before being promoted to the executive board of one of the top three insurers in Europe. He served internationally in Central Eastern Europe, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands for 17 consecutive years before moving into recruitment.

    The majority of Stephan’s search agenda is centred on top-level financial positions and general management roles in the banking, insurance and real estate industry. Stephan’s client portfolio profits from his long-term managing director’s responsibilities with CFOs, international financial boards and his deep understanding of the current industry challenges ranging from IFRS to Basel 2/3 concords, capital markets requirements and complex sales force incentive schemes within international financial service providers.

    Stephan has managed and designed numerous difficult search campaigns that have resulted in successful, spot-on placements. He has devised and accompanied a set of management appraisal strategies.
Stephan Stockert